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Hi pals!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Laura, a broadcaster and wellness researcher at Youngsan University Wellness Institute in Busan, South Korea. I also teach and study, work with clients in well-being, mindfulness and self-development.Mum of 1, thirst for knowledge, love the banter. Please enjoy the inner workings of my brain. Been trying to write a book for the past three years…Chapter one…

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I’m a 30s mum of 1, Radio Presenter, MC, Broadcaster and Wellness Researcher & Content developer. Over the past 4 years I’ve become super interested in Wellness, Self development and mental health, and I spend a huge chunk of time getting stuck in about it.

I love a wee 9pm bedtime, a good book and a whole lot of laughing. This is my blog for updates on my life, wellness news, and general chit chattery about me, myself and wellness living.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you enjoy taking a look around my little corner of the interwebs. Get in touch if you enjoy what you see, make contact, hang around and most of all have a heckin’ lovely day. Great to see you here~