‘Me, myself, and I’ – Practicing loving yourself – With audio track

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day♡

Something I find remarkable about that thing we call ‘being human’ is that no matter what age we are, our life experience or where we were born and raised, we are all designed to learn.

Each of us unique, each of us with a one off, individual story to tell, and each one of us taking our lessons into our minds and using them to grow. Using what we learn to learn more, to grow, to flourish. We are amazing.

So despite this, why is it often to difficult to see it in ourselves?

I have taken many years to finally start to love myself, and although I still have days where me, myself and I certainly don’t get along, I am bringing love to me every day.

Being mindful in my every day life allows me to bring love with me as I apply myself to other things that need doing. It also allows me to guide my clients and students in a mindful direction too, to learn to see themselves as the magnificent beasts they are.

From a young age we are taught to hide our light, told not to brag or be too proud. But with that constant reminder to stay humble, we learn to forget ourselves. We learn to underestimate ourselves, compare ourselves to those we deem superior.

We compare to such an extent, especially with the constant rise of social media platforms and fake-reality, that our mental health suffers, and often ends up seriously affected. I mean, instagram posts shouldn’t make us feel bad, and part of us knows it, right? But it’s easy to get caught up in this alternate version of reality.

Learning to love and appreciate ourselves when every aspect of the media, society and our online peer community is out to tear us down…well that’s a tough one.

Luckily, love is free, abundant, and if you practice enough it can be all yours!

I recently did a mindfulness group lesson based on LOVE, and I must say it went down like a gooey chocolate brownie. Giving my students the tools to look at themselves and the world around them in a different kinda way, a forgotten way, gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Part of the lesson goes like this:

While sitting in our usual circle, I guide the class through some simple breathing; maybe 10 slow, deep breaths tops. Once we get back to our natural breathing patterns, I ask for a volunteer to pick a contemplation from the ‘thinking box’.

Students join me in asking and answering these contemplations – whether or not they share their answer is upto them.

Contemplations on love

The most important gesture of love someone can give to another being is….

When I was younger, I believed that love was…

What does it mean to receive love from another person?

The most painful thing about love is….

I feel loved when…

Can love really change the world?

What emotions do you associate with love?

Showing love is difficult because….

Showing love is easy because…

When I truly give and receive love, my life is….

In the most important moments of my life, love has shown me that…

How do you describe love?

Learning to love is…

Once we have spent sufficient time or we finish all the contemplations, students have hopefully started to focus deeper into the class. Now we start our mindfulness exercise ~ a box full of love.

And end with an audio track that repeats the contemplations:

It’s never too late to start loving yourself, just the way you are; The perfectly designed, individual, once in a million lifetimes version of you. And what’s not to love about that?

Peace and Love~

Laura ♡

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